Say It When You Must

Send Free Anonymous Hate Cards

Hate is a strong word but ironically everyone has it inside. It is ruining nothing but you.

Why not to just let them know that you hate them and give them a chance to improve.

“Sending a hate card to someone is an opportunity for them. Now, they can do a self assessment.
At least now they know that someone does not like them for their actions”

– Founder of Send Hate Cards

This World Is Beautiful

Our aim is to make this world beautiful and hate free. We believe that if you send a hate card to someone, it gives them a chance to think again about their actions . A chance for them to find out who all are getting affected with their actions. If they can find it out, they will definitely improve because no one likes to be hated


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It is easy to find a card that you need

Card Categories

Do you have any hate story?

Sharing is caring. If you have any hate story then do let us know. We will publish it here so that everyone can read it and learn from it. Again, it is not about hate only. It a chance for someone to improve or to know that someone in the world hates them. 

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Some FAQs

Yes, it is anonymous. You can try sending a hate card to yourself and see if it anonymous or not. 

We believe that important things like water, the air, sunlight in this world are free.

No. So just relax and send your first card.


No one is perfect in this world so is this system.. try refreshing it and if that does not work, just let us know

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